Doctoral Research

Approaching Nola, Shashmaqom, and Western contemporary art music through intercultural exchange and artistic research

Doctorate candidate project in Artistic Research – Anton Bruckner Private University

Uzbek Nay

Being part of my project of research in the frame of my Doctorate, the study of the Uzbek Nay is a journey that I propose to document through my findings. Here is a first state of the arts. Listen and follow along in the tuner of Ableton with the cent precision. There are different sizes…

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Nola on the example of Yallama Yorim

(Français en-dessous) Yallama Yorim is a folk Uzbek song. When I was in Tashkent in April 2022 I had the privilege to have an interview with Abdulahad Abdurashidov, a famous Uzbek transverse nay player, often cited as one of the masters of the art of nay. In this small excerpt, he explains and shows the…

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3-5.05.2023 – „Listening today’s music” Nova Contemporary Music Meeting @ Nova University Lisbon, Portugal

26-27.01.2023 – Crosswinds Symposium @ Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal