Flute Talks begins with Claire Chase!

My dear friends, on this first day of the year I wish you all the very best for 2022, sincerely. And I don’t know for you, but I feel the urge to begin the year with moments to care for myself, and to take time for reconnecting consciously with my own creativity in music and other arts. If you are like me, maybe what I will announce today will make you as excited as I am: In one week, I am launching my very first podcast of interviews with incredible women I was very lucky to talk with.

I chose for my first miniseries to interview four female flutists specializing in contemporary music. Through the four episodes you will discover the approach, the vision and the path of these amazing musicians. My goal was to share with you the positive energy and inspiration these beautiful people instill in me, and I really hope my Flute Talks will also communicate you the same inspiration.

The first episode is linked to a very meaningful memory for me: Darmstadt Ferienkurse with Claire Chase! Our conversation reflected very much the mood of this whole week: all about community. I asked my fellow flutists from Claire’s Darmstadt course what they would be curious to know about her because I wanted to keep the memory of the group energy she made us feel.

So stay tuned for the opening episode of flute talks about Claire Chase, this 8 January 2022!

Last day with Claire and the Chickens gang. I’ll explain you later 🙂